THOR Movie Trailer! Sort of.

     April 24, 2010


While many people have taken to photoshop and created very cool images and posters for some of the upcoming comic book movies like Green Lantern and The First Avenger: Captain America, it’s another level of commitment to try and create a movie trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor – a film that has no available footage.  Also, some of the actors haven’t been in many movies and the costumes are pretty specific.

But YouTube user EditNinja has attempted to get it done, and using footage from Ca$h, Outlander, Brothers, Hulk, Alexander, Troy, Van Helsing, Defendor, A Perfect Getaway, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and trailer footage from The Clash Of The Titans, Swat, Spartan, Marvel Ultimate Alliance VG and others, he’s created something worth checking out (especially on a Saturday).  I’ll say it starts a lot stronger than it ends as you can only keep the smoke and mirrors going for so long.  Hit the jump to watch:

thor_image_3.jpgHere’s what he wrote on his YouTube page:

An arrogant Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cast to Earth from Asgard as a weakling to learn, where he falls in love and encounters a familiar enemy and some new allies.

Footage from: Ca$h [2010], Outlander [2008], Brothers [2009], Hulk [2003], Alexander [2004], Troy [2004], Van Helsing [2004], Defendor [2010], Angels And Demons [2009], A Perfect Getaway [2009], Superman Returns [2006], Hellboy [2004], Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D [1998], and the trailer for The Clash Of The Titans, Swat, Spartan, Marvel Ultimate Alliance VG,

Soundbites from the animated ‘Hulk Vs Thor’
Music from Immediate Music ‘Heaven’s Warriors’ and ‘Distant Thunder’

NOTE: Using all available info about the upcoming Thor movie [2011], I started collecting scenes and similar shots from other movies with the listed cast. Yes, Chris Hemsworth lost his wig on the rainbow bridge upon entering Earth. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) has not starred in any readily available movies so he was merely implied here. Natalie Portman plays a caring wife ‘Brothers’ so that was easy; Stellan Skarsgaard (Angels & Demons) as the expert on Norse Mythology; Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Spartan) as the SHIELD Agent; Sir Anthony Hopkins(Alexander) as Odin; and Kat Dennings (Defendor) as a new character.  I’m expecting alot from this movie and this is how I envision Kenneth Branagh will direct it.  This is a non-profit project video. I will never take any money for my fanedits. Ever.



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