‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Pulls in $14.5 Million from Thursday Night Screenings

     November 3, 2017


Thor: Ragnarok opened in theaters last night in the U.S., so now it’s time for box office watchers to see how it performs relative to other Marvel movies. So far, things are going very well for the latest Thor sequel. Box Office Mojo reports that the movie has earned $14.5 million from Thursday night screenings, which puts it well ahead of Thor ($3.25 million from midnight screenings) and Thor: The Dark World ($7.1 million from Thursday night previews). However, it currently lags behind Marvel’s other 2017 openers, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($17 million) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($15.4 million).

That being said, a $14.5 million Thursday night take is nothing to scoff at and it should easily surpass a $100 million opening weekend. Some analysts expect it to reach $120 million, so it should be interesting to see how it performs, especially since it’s doing well on Rotten Tomatoes and will probably earn a positive CinemaScore since the tone of the movie lines up with the marketing.


Image via Marvel Studios

Internationally, Thor: Ragnarok is also cleaning up. The movie has made $164.5 million worldwide and it opens in China and Japan today, which should lead to major bump to its international take.

It will be interesting to see how the film stacks up not just against other Marvel movies, but also in the November-December frame. Studios are beginning to release their heavy hitters for the holiday season like Justice League, Coco, and Murder on the Orient Express. While I expect Thor: Ragnarok to have pretty strong legs, I’m curious to see how it performs. I predict that it will easily outpace the first two Thor movies, but will come just short of reaching the upper echelons of Marvel’s top-grossing movies.

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