‘Thoroughbreds’ Clip: Anya Taylor-Joy & Olivia Cooke Talk Manufactured Emotions

     February 23, 2018


Focus Features has released a new clip for the upcoming dark comedy Thoroughbreds, and it continues to look delightfully twisted. Written and directed by Corey Finley, marking his directorial debut, the film stars Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) as childhood friends who reconnect in suburban Connecticut, bonding over one another’s destructive tendencies. One has contempt for her oppressive stepfather, and it appears the two girls take matters into their own hands.

A quote in the film’s previous trailer teased the film as a cross between American Psycho and Heathers, and that’s exactly that vibe that we’ve seen from the film thus far. In this new clip, Cooke and Taylor-Joy’s characters are watching an old movie and debating whether the actress in the film was pulling from real motivation to cry, or if it was simply a technique. There’s a dark underpinning to the process when you know the plot of the movie revolves around a potential murder plot.

Check out the new Thoroughbreds clip and motion-poster below. The film also stars Paul Sparks and opens in theaters on March 9th.

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