Three Busy Debras on Their Wild-Ass Adult Swim Show and Debras Vs. Karens

     July 14, 2020

Three Busy Debras is wild, man. The Adult Swim show from the comedy trio of the same name — Sandy HonigMitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha — follows three women named Debra who live in an immaculate suburban neighborhood and go on outlandish, cartoonish, absurd, and visually striking adventures. The show’s tone is like nothing else on television; something like if the makers of Wet Hot American Summer teamed up with the makers of Paddington 2 and sharpened whatever they made into a knife. It’s jam-packed with non sequiturs, surreal flights of (often violent) flights of fancy, and immaculate filmmaking from director Anna Dokoza. It is a shining jewel in Adult Swim’s current crown that you simply must watch!


Image via Adult Swim

I was lucky enough to hop on a video chat with all three busy Debras to dive into their wonderfully weird world. We talked about the challenges in making a live action cartoon, what it means to be a “Debra,” the differences between a “Debra” and a “Karen,” the heartbreak that comes from not being able to use an actor because they can’t cartwheel, the role comedy should take moving forward, and the adventures in store on season 2. Plus: I did a bit with Sandy Honig that I’ve been worried about seeming “too rude” ever since. If you’re reading this, Sandy Honig, I’m sorry if I was too rude! It’s okay to drink coffee during an interview! I’m sorry!!!

Anyway, Three Busy Debras airs on Adult Swim, and you can watch most of the episodes for free on their website. Check out our full interview above. For more of Adult Swim’s finest, here’s my interview with Joe Pera.