‘Three’s Company’ Movie Mulled by New Line

     April 20, 2016


When I ask myself, “Self, what TV property do today’s kids really want to see on the big screen in a fresh new way?” the answer invariably returns: Three’s Company. I mean, it’s a show about a charming man (John Ritter) who pretended to be gay so that he could move in with a spunky brunette (Joyce DeWitt) and a ditzy blonde (Suzanne Somers). Wait, on second thought, that one sentence probably contained a half-dozen trigger words for today’s audiences, so maybe a reboot/adaptation isn’t the best idea.

As THR reports, New Line thinks that it is a great idea since they’re currently in negotiations to pick up the rights to the 70s/80s TV show. He’s Just Not That into You screenwriters Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein have been tapped to write up the big-screen adaptation of the small-screen classic. Early information suggests they plan to set the movie in the 70s. The screenwriters’ other credits include New Line’s relationship-oriented movies Valentine’s Day and How to Be Single, as well as Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams’ romantic drama The VowAs for Three’s Company, Robert Cort, veteran producer behind nearly 60 films, will produce the project.

Based on the British TV show Man about the HouseThree’s Company won two Golden Globes over its run from 1977 to 1984. The three leads enjoyed great success and became household names early on in the show’s airing, but supporting characters also made big impressions on audiences. The landlords–Mr. and Mrs. Roper, played by Norman Fell and Audra Lindley–ended up with a spin-off show, while Richard Kline’s on-the-prowl, best friend to Ritter’s Jack Tripper and Don Knotts’ “experienced” oddball mentor of sorts became fan favorites.

Check out the show’s intro (one of many versions over the series’ eight seasons) and try to get the theme song out of your head:


Image via ABC

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