Tim Burton and DreamWorks to Call Forth the MONSTERPOCALYPSE?

     May 12, 2010

Director Tim Burton and DreamWorks may be teaming up to produce an adaptation of the board game MonsterpocalypseDeadline reports that DreamWorks has acquired the screen rights to the kaiju-themed (Says Wikipedia: Kaiju is Japanese for “giant monster”, i.e. Godzilla) collectible miniatures game.  However, talks are still at an early stage and only the game’s creator, Matt Wilson, is attached as a co-producer.

Burton has been linked to several other projects including the Disney-villain film Maleficent and a stop-motion adaptation of The Addams Family, and he’s also co-producing an adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov.  DreamWorks is also having screenwriter Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) adapt Daniel H. Wilson’s novel Robopocalypse as a directing vehicle for Steven Spielberg.  No word yet on why the studio wants sci-fi creatures to destroy the world.

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