Tim Burton to Direct MAI THE PSYCHIC GIRL?

     May 17, 2010

Tim Burton Mai The Psychic Girl slice

Not busy enough with five other projects, Tim Burton is rumored to be developing an adaptation of the Japanese manga, Mai The Psychic Girl, which he hopes to direct.  Burton was once attached to direct an adaptation of Mai in the late 80’s, which was going to feature music by the band Sparks.  Burton is supposedly back on the project after Sony gave the rights back to him after acquiring the project 8 years ago.  This is only the latest project to join Burton’s list of upcoming films.  You can find out more about Mai and what other films Burton has coming up after the jump.

Mai The Psychic GirlAccording to Latino Review, Mai the Psychic Girl follows Mai Kuju, ”a 14-year-old Japanese girl with powerful psychic abilities. She is being pursued by the Wisdom Alliance, an organization which secretly strives to control the world. The alliance already controls four other powerful psychic children, and it has hired the Kaieda Intelligence Agency to capture Mai.”

It’s unknown if Mai would be the next film that Burton decides to direct.  Last time we heard, Burton was planning on directing Maleficent next. That film would be the story of Sleeping Beauty but told from the perspective of Maleficent, the now iconic evil character from the Disney film.

However, Burton is also currently attached to direct a stop-motion Addams Family movie based on the classic New Yorker Magazine and TV characters.

He’s also attached to direct another stop-motion film with a feature length film adaptation of his own Frankenweenie short film.  Back when Burton spoke at the Disney expo, D23, in September the director said that this was going to be his follow-up film to Alice in Wonderland, but I think things might have changed since then.

The other big project that Burton is rumored to be attached to is the film adaptation of the cult TV series, Dark Shadows.  The film has been in the works for awhile now with Johnny Depp attached to star.

We haven’t heard much about the film but WB recently announced that the film would be released on IMAX screens by 2013.   This makes me believe that Dark Shadows might in fact be the next Burton film we see, but it’s also entirely possible that the busy director can fit one film in before 2013.  Of course, it’s also possible that Burton isn’t really attached to direct the film at all since, from what I can tell, there has been no official announcement.

If Burton wasn’t busy enough developing films for himself, he will also be producing a film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s latest novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted)  and an adaptation of the board game Monsterpocalypse with Dreamworks for Spielberg to possibly direct.

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