Tim Burton to Direct Stop-Motion ADDAMS FAMILY Movie

     March 18, 2010


Remaining firmly in his comfort zone, Tim Burton has signed on to helm a stop-motion animation adaptation of The Addams FamilyDeadline reports that Illumination Entertainment, the Universal family-film based unit, has acquired the underlying rights of the Addams drawings, once a staple of The New Yorker magazine.  “His intention is to go back to the litany of Addams illustrations that displayed a sharper wit than could be place into a 60s family TV series,” says Deadline. Oh, and the film will be in 3D because 3D is better for some arbitrary reason.

Some people don’t know that Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was not directed by Burton, but by Henry Selick (Coraline).  However, Burton did direct the forgettable Corpse Bride.

Until Burton decides to do a movie that people wouldn’t expect from him, I’m going to put the College Humor video mocking him after the jump.  Enjoy!  Also, if you are someone who has never heard of The Addams Family (all three of you), I’ve included a brief description of them after the jump.

The Addams Family originated as a New Yorker illustrated laughing square.  They were then adapted into a 60s horror-comedy show.  In the 90s, they made their feature film debut with The Addams Family in 1991 and Adams Family Values in 1993.  The films starred Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci and were directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black).

How best to describe them?  Well, they’re creepy and their kooky, and all-together ookie.


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