Tim Kring – Exclusive Video Interview – Season Two Info

     June 24, 2007

On Thursday morning I got to attend the “Heroes World Tour” press conference in Hollywood and while I’ve already posted the entire event, I still have a bit more for you to watch.

If you’re a fan of the TV show “Heroes” you’ll absolutely love this 20 minute interview with Tim Kring – the creator and executive producer. While I posted a short 3 minute interview the other day, what’s below is the full meal.

The way it happened was after the press conference everyone went up to the different actors and producers to try and get some quotes. If you watched my interview with Zachary Quinto you saw who I went up to first.

After that interview ended I tried to get to Tim Kring, but the crowd was huge so all I could do was listen and try to squeeze in. After a little while I was able to get the camera close enough to start recording and it’s all posted below.

As usual I’ve written what gets covered in each part to make it easier on you. But if you’re a fan of “Heroes” I’d watch the entire press conference as he talks a lot about the next season.

Tim Kring Part 1

  • Talks about the way Heroes is filmed and how it’s different than most shows.
  • Talks about how they will find a way to get new fans involved with the second season who may not have watched the first.
  • Season two will have a 3 volumes and volume 2 will end in the middle of the season.
  • Season two premiere is called 4 months later.
  • He said he hasn’t heard about the mixed fan reaction to the finale. But then he explains the reasons why the finale may not have worked and that’s why the new season will have a few volumes.
  • He’s asked about the creative pressure for the next season.
  • He’s asked about the producing differences between Crossing Jordan and Heroes.

Tim Kring Part 2

  • He’s asked since the show is so popular can they now lay the foundation for stories that won’t pay off for awhile. He explains how season one ate up a tremendous amount of storyline.
  • Tim Sale is still involved this year and the painting will have a clever re-entry back into the show.

**After this point there is a jump cut** I attempted to interview some of the cast and when I saw how crowded that area was I came back to Tim and we continue with…

  • He explains how Linderman was like a Bond villain and we’ll be getting more of them.
  • Will Christopher Eccleston be back?
  • I ask Tim if there is any chance of getting a big star for the Heroes Origin show and he says that due to it being an anthology series it could happen. He also says that they might get some special writers or directors to come in!!
  • He explains that if they get some big actor to come in then they might not be able to make that character come back into the show if that’s the one the fans vote for.
  • What’s going on with Jessica/Niki.

Tim Kring Part 3

  • How far did they tentpole the seasons in the hiatus and did anything change during the summer?
  • Are there any new writers for the upcoming season?
  • Will the ensemble be split up this season? Yes. They start out separated.
  • Will Claire’s mom be back and some of the other smaller characters we’ve met? Yup. And some have big parts to play.
  • What’s the theme of season one and season two and what’s different about them?
  • I ask since Hiro loves Star Trek and he’s a geek… is there any chance of filming the show at Comic-Con this year (4:00 minutes in)? Look at his face.
  • Will Hiro do more sword fights?
  • Where are they filming feudal Japan?

Tim Kring Part 4

  • I ask since this season might have 3 volumes does that mean there will be three big finales? He says the idea is to do 3 smaller finales.
  • I ask if the different volumes will focus on different characters so certain ones might have more to do in the beginning of the year and less at the end. He says yes.
  • I ask about casting a Japanese pop star for this season.
  • How popular is Heroes in Japan and the rest of the world?
  • 4:00 in I ask about what will they do at this years Comic-Con as they will have more fans trying to see their presentation than can fit in the room. I ask if they can put the season two footage they will show online.

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