Tim Kring Talks HEROES – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 13, 2007

At this year’s Saturn Awards I was able to interview a ton of people and get some great info on various projects. Eli Roth told me about “Trailer Trash”, Bryan Singer talked Valkyrie and the next “Superman” movie, even Jenna Fischer gave me a great quote when she said her new movie “Walk Hard” will make the boob scene with Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory” look like a Disney film.

But while those interviews were great, my personal highlight was getting to ask Tim Kring – the creator of NBC’s monster hit “Heroes” – a few questions after they won the Saturn for Best Network Television Series.

I’m posting two videos in this article. The first is the interview with Tim and the key members of the “Heroes” staff. The second is a short clip of the entire group getting some pictures taken with the Saturn and you can even see Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson getting in on the action.

Also these interviews are part of a tag team effort with IESB.net who also covered the Saturn Awards and just posted their “Heroes” interviews. For another fix of video you should definitely go over there and check what they’ve got.

The best part of thefirst interview is the very beginning when Tim is asked about the last three minutes of the finale and how it’s the beginning of Volume 2 (Season Two). You can see he didn’t know that any info was out there…

  • The end of finale will “slingshot us into next season”
  • Season Two will tackle the multiple generations aspect of the show
  • Says the finale will be “more intriguing than frustrating”
  • The upcoming DVD of season one will be loaded with extras, tons of commentaries, and it’ll have the original, uncut 72 minute pilot which had some stuff that has never made it into the show
  • The upcoming DVD will be released on HD as well. I asked if both HD-DVD and Blue-Ray versions will be available and they weren’t sure.
  • A great moment was when I asked about last years Variety article and how they wrote “Heroes” would be the show that fans would be lamenting over cancellation at next years comic-con. Tim was happy to be reminded of that article.
  • They have BIG PLANS for comic con this summer. They want to thank all the fans. (Since they start filming in June… could we expect new footage of season two to be premiered at comic con? My guess is yes)
  • And Robert from ISEB asked the question that has dominated message boards – he asked about the similarities to the comic “Watchmen”
  • I asked how far have they mapped out the show. Tim said they have the big, broad strokes of future seasons but not the smaller events.
  • My last question was about next season and the introduction of new characters. He said “there are several new characters coming in the immediate future.” He also said some “older characters will cycle out of the show.”

And here is the second interview of the creators and some of the cast getting their pictures taken.

Later today and tomorrow I’m posting even more interviews -including some of the cast of “Heroes” and a lot more with people on the red carpet so check back.

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