Tim Robbins Talks THANKS FOR SHARING, How He Prepares for a Role, Will He Direct Another Film in the Near Future, and More

     September 18, 2013


Opening this weekend is the sex addict comedy/drama Thanks for Sharing, which marks the directorial debut of The Kids Are All Right scribe Stuart Blumberg.  The film tells the story of three sex addicts struggling to function in normal society.  The central focus is on Mark Ruffalo, who plays an addict who’s trying to strike up a relationship with a woman who has sworn off dating other addicts (Gwyneth Paltrow).  The other main addicts include Book of Mormon star Josh GadAlecia Moore (aka Pink), Tim RobbinsJoely Richardson and Patrick Fugit.  For more on the film, watch the trailer. 

The other day I got to speak with Tim Robbins.  He talked about why he wanted to be involved in this project, how he prepares for a role, if he’s planning on directing another film in the near future, which of his previous films people always want to talk about, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Tim Robbins:

  • How Collider has at least five readers
  • Which of his previous films do people always want to talk to him about
  • What was it about the script and film that made him want to get involved
  • How does he prepare for a role and what’s the most he’s ever done for a role
  • Is he planning on directing another film in the near future


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