Tim Roth Exclusive Video Interview – THE INCREDIBLE HULK

     June 14, 2008

A few days ago I covered the international press day for “The Incredible Hulk” as a reporter from the website Omelete.

As most of you know, Collider and Omelete are partners. When we post clips or exclusives, they also post it. When they get stuff…we use it. They’re in Portuguese and we’re in English. As I’ve said many times…it’s a perfect marriage. Also, since they’re based in San Paolo, when they get invited to do stuff here in Los Angeles…they send me.So while many websites fight over exclusives, we’re examples of how you can work together and both thrive.

As you may have already seen,I was able to interview a lot of the castfrom “The Incredible Hulk.” If you missed Liv Tyler or William Hurt, just click on their names.

And as you can originally see on Omelete, I interviewed Tim Roth for “Incredible Hulk.”

In the film, Tim plays Emil Blonsky and he ends up becoming the main adversary of the Hulk. As Tim always does…it’s a great performance.

During our time we talked about working in Brazil, deleted scenes, would he be directing anytime soon and a lot more. If you’re a fan of Tim’s, I’m sure you’ll dig the interview. Take a look.

Tim Roth Hulk Interview

  • Did he get to go to Brazil and what was the experience like
  • Did he stay in Brazil after he wrapped
  • Working with William Hurt
  • I ask if he read the comics and he says he did and he watched the TV show
  • I ask if he did all his stunts and I ask about a scene from the film
  • I ask about deleted scenes and did he have any favorites
  • He’s directed in the past, I ask if he wants to start directing again
  • I ask about the movie The Other Side (which he was supposed to be doing) and he says he probably won’t be doing it due to scheduling issues

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