TIME OUT OF MIND Trailer Features Homeless Richard Gere Navigating New York City

     June 16, 2015


IFC has released the full trailer for Time Out of Mind, Oren Moverman‘s quite lovely film centered on the homeless community in New York City, starring Richard Gere as an essentially nameless man who is unexpectedly kicked out of his apartment-squat. The film follows Gere’s homeless man as he seeks shelter and cheap booze around Manhattan, and thankfully does away with the more sanctimonious elements of Moverman’s previous efforts, especially Rampart, his dirty-cop flick starring Woody Harrelson. Time Out of Mind returns the director to the more striking passages of his debut, The Messenger, which also featured Harrelson alongside Ben Foster as military officers tasked with delivering notice of the passing of soldiers to their family.


Image via IFC

Time Out of Mind scales back the familiar scenarios and easy politics of those films and instead focuses on the quotidian details of life on the street, though it doesn’t tread into the darker terrains of addiction and recklessness that the Safdie Brothers’ brilliant Heaven Knows What recently did. Instead, the film doubles as a sort of acting exercise for Gere, who went largely incognito on the streets of NYC for the part, to the point that one woman gave him leftover pizza while the film was shooting. The film features only small supporting roles from professional actors like Jena Malone, Yul Vazquez, Steve Buscemi, and Colman Domingo, and the rest is largely Gere, conveying delirium, pain, depression, confusion, and exhaustion with little more than his face. It’s the best film of Overman’s career thus far and it might very well be Gere’s best performance, with the possible exception of his work in the horribly underrated Arbitrage.

Time Out of Mind will hit limited theaters this September. Watch the trailer below:

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