‘Timeless’ Season 3 Unlikely as Efforts to Find a New Home Fail

     July 2, 2018


The prospects for Timeless Season 3 just got considerably bleaker. The NBC sci-fi series from Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan debuted in 2016 to solid ratings, but saw its numbers dwindle over the course of its 16-episode first season. The show was cancelled, but three days later, NBC changed its mind and renewed Timeless for a 10-episode second season. And while fans were pleased, the show failed to grow its audience during Season 2 and NBC once again cancelled the series, much to the dismay of its loyal audience.

Efforts to find a new home, be it on a streaming service like Netflix or another network, began, but now Ryan has taken to Twitter to share some discouraging news. He’s been informed by Sony Pictures Television—which produces the series—that efforts to find a new home at another network have failed. Moreover, Ryan says that contracts for the actors have now expired, adding that “it appears there will be no Season 3 and beyond.”


Image via NBC

As if that wasn’t enough, even a Timeless movie seems unlikely, as “considerable economic obstacles” make it “an uncertainty.” Indeed, expiring contracts on the actors is a major hurdle that gets tough to overcome, as those performers start looking for work elsewhere and scheduling becomes a major issue. Additionally, if NBC has already torn down the Timeless sets, getting them out of storage and reconstructing them for a Timeless movie is cost-prohibitive.

It’s sad news for these loyal Timeless fans, but take heart in knowing that the show got a second season even as NBC was less than inclined to do so. Kripke, meanwhile, is already plenty busy with his next TV show, an adaptation of the graphic novel The Boys for Amazon.

You can read Ryan’s tweets regarding the Timeless Season 3 news below.


Image via NBC