Tina Fey Angrily Eats Cake on ‘Weekend Update’ in Response to Trump’s White Supremacy

     August 18, 2017


Weekend Update has returned for the summer because I guess NBC thought audiences couldn’t get enough of Colin Jost and Michael Che making smug, obvious jokes. But one of the upsides of Weekend Update coming back early is that they have guest stars do bits, and after the horrific events in Charlottesville, Viriginia this past weekend, Tina Fey, a UVA alum, stopped by to share her thoughts.

But because we think comedians should also be activists, Fey angrily eating cake while denouncing Trump’s white supremacy and the Nazis who congregated in Charlottesville has been seen as “wrong” because her advice is to just “ignore them.” And that’s a controversial position. Some people believe that if you confront Nazis in the streets, you just give them a bigger platform, and others believe that if you ignore them, they only metastasize and become more powerful. The problem is that there are no easy answers, and if you expected a late night comedian to be your shining light of wisdom rather than the activists who are doing the serious work of combating hatred, you’ve made a serious mistake. The Fey sketch is basically the primal rage scream many have felt since Trump was elected, and sometimes it’s just funny to watch someone devour sheet cake. Tina Fey is not your leader, and SNL is not your beacon of hope.

There was also a sketch where Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers also came by to play George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, respectively, and it was fine. It was basically a four minute sketch to make the simple point that while Washington and Jefferson did own slaves, they also did good things for the country as opposed to Confederate generals who tried to rip the country apart so they could continue to own black people.

Check out the sketches below.