Funny Honest Trailer for TITANIC 3D; James Cameron Steals Your Money in Three Dimensions

     April 6, 2012


Given that you are a person and you’re alive, I’m assuming you’re quite aware that Titanic is being unleashed into theaters once again this weekend…in 3D!  Despite the fact that pretty much every person ever paid to see the movie in 1997, James Cameron is giving us the opportunity to pay to see it again, over a decade later.  Like the humorous honest posters we shared during awards season, an honest trailer for Titanic 3D has now gone online.  It hilariously makes some great points about the film itself (the Academy Award winner for Best Editing is nearly three and a half hours of establishing shots and waving), and throws in a Downton Abbey reference for good measure.  The gist of the trailer is that James Cameron is pretty much just stealing your money at this point.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, starring Leonardo Da Vinci, Bill Pullman?, and Boobs.

Trailer courtesy of Screen Junkies (via PopHangover):


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