New Details on Terrence Malick’s TO THE WONDER; Will Include Economic and Political Themes

     July 27, 2012


The Toronto International Film Festival has a great line-up this year, and one of the films that makes it great is Terrence Malick‘s To the Wonder.  I don’t know if the film will be good, but any Malick is worth watching.  The movie stars Ben Affleck as a lothario who becomes involved with a European woman (Olga Kurylenko) while in Paris, and who he marries when he returns with her to Oklahoma.  However, as their relationship flounders, he begins to take comfort in a childhood friend (Rachel McAdams) and a religious exile (Javier Bardem).  The film also stars Rachel Weisz, Barry Pepper, Amanda Peet, and Michael Sheen, but we currently don’t know anything about their roles.

Before playing at Toronto, To the Wonder will make its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.  The festival director, Alberto Barbera, has now revealed some new details regarding the film’s themes.  Hit the jump for more.  The Venice Film Festival runs from August 29 – September 8th.  The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6 – 16th.

Speaking to reports in Rome [via AFP via The Playlist], Barbera said:

“The main recurring theme is the crisis.  The economic crisis, which is having devastating social effects, but also the crisis of values, the political crisis.”

Malick has never shied away from the real world in his movies (The New World and The Thin Red Line are based on historical events, and Badlands is loosely based on a true story), but he’s always used those settings as way to reach more universal emotions and themes.  It looks like To The Wonder might follow the same path.  It remains to be seen if there will be a lot of whispered narration where characters muse about life, the universe, and everything.

Ben Affleck and Rachel Weisz

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