Tobey Maguire to Star in PRISONERS OF TREBEK

     December 14, 2009


Pajiba is reporting that Tobey Maguire is developing and planning to star in Prisoners of Trebek.   The film will be an adaptation of the book, Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy! , which tells the true story of stand-up comedian Bob Harris who tried to master Jeopardy, but instead found himself and fell in love.   There is no director currently attached to the project but William Wheeler (The Hoax) has written the script, which is said to have elements of a Charlie Kaufman film.   I’m going to assume that this means that the film will be a little bit eccentric.  However, we may not see this film anytime soon since Maguire will be busy next year filming Spider-Man 4 and there is also the rumor that he might be heading over to the Shire once he’s done web-slinging around New York.

[We have been informed that Pajiba’s story is erroneous and entirely without basis.  They have removed the story rather than updating or correcting it. — Matt]

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