‘Today’s Special’ to Give You New Sitcom Episodes Every. Single. Day

     November 5, 2019


David Wain and A. D. Miles are contemporary comedy maestros. They’ve worked on and given us revolutionary titles like Wet Hot American Summer and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Please do me a favor and watch this clip of Miles on the latter with Grum. Please do this for me.) Now, they’re aiming to revolutionize one of our most tried and true comedy formats: the sitcom. With Today’s Special, a four-episode pilot being developed for WarnerMedia, the duo will shoot and deliver a brand new episode of a single-camera comedy daily. That is… logistically wild to think about.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the show would be a fusion of a typical single-cam comedy (think 30 Rock), a soap opera-style production schedule, and a topicality normally reserved for late night comedy shows (and, uh, South Park). The show will take place in an all-night diner, where a colorful group of characters hangs out, gets into each other’s business, and reacts to topical news and headlines. In other words — it feels like Wain and Miles are making a daily, topical version of Cheers, and I am here for it.


Image via Warner Bros. Television Distribution

This isn’t the first time creators have flirted with daily television storytelling normally experienced in weekly installments or bingeable chunks. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was a cult comedy classic from the 1970s that aired its dryly absurd soap opera parodies every day, and sneakily influenced every contemporary comedy you’ve ever watched while doing so (especially the aforementioned Tim and Eric). And HBO therapy drama In Treatment aired five nights a week — four episodes of patient sessions with our main therapist (Gabriel Byrne) and one episode where he meets with his therapist. Still — Today’s Special sounds, well, special. If it gets picked up, it just might turn comedy fans’ heads in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

If Today’s Special sounds tasty to you, cross your fingers that WarnerMedia picks it up and takes it to a network. And for more on David Wain, here’s our A Futile and Stupid Gesture interview with him.