Check Out Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland’s Unaired 1998 HBO Documentary FRAT HOUSE

     March 5, 2012


Director Todd Phillips‘ (The Hangover) stock-and-trade has been frat-house comedies.  They don’t necessarily take place inside a frat-house, but they all share the common theme of guys getting rowdy, doing dumb shit, and the comic consequences that follow.  However, back in 1998, Phillips and co-director Andrew Gurland (who would go on to direct The Virginity Hit) took a serious documentary approach to the world of fraternities.  Their hour-long doc, Frat House, was shot for HBO’s America Undercover series, but was never aired due to controversy over whether or not some parts were staged.  Now the film has landed online (although who knows for how long) and it’s definitely worth your time.  I’ve only watched the first ten minutes, but the movie is unlike anything you’ve seen from Phillips, and I’m always fascinated by documentaries on sub-cultures.

Hit the jump to check out Frat House (warning: NSFW).

Via The Playlist.

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