Exclusive: ‘Tokyo Ghoul S’ Clip Invites You to Dine at a Very Special (& NSFW) Restaurant

     September 13, 2019


Tokyo Ghoul first burst onto the scene back in 2011 in writer-illustrator Sui Ishida‘s dark fantasy manga series. Set in an alternate reality and focusing on ghouls–who must feed on human flesh to survive–living among the normal human population, Tokyo Ghoul soon went on to enjoy an anime adaptation in 2014, followed by sequel series and a live-action film. Now, as the franchise continues to entertain fans around the world, that film got itself a sequel in Tokyo Ghoul S, which debuted in Japan this past July and is now prepping for a North American launch.

To celebrate that fact, we have an exclusive clip from the film thanks to our friends at FUNimation, who are distributing the sequel to 400 theaters across the U.S. and Canada. It’s a perfect entry point into the weirdness inherent in Tokyo Ghoul and a fun moment for fans who are already familiar with the series. But while you can check out our exclusive clip below–along with a pair of trailers that have been released so far–be sure to come back here early next week for our review of the film as well.

Starring Masataka Kubota, who returns for the lead role of Kaneki, with Maika Yamamoto and Shota Matsuda, Tokyo Ghoul S arrives in North American theaters on September 16th, 18th, and 20th; be sure to check FUNimation’s page for tickets and showtimes near you!

Check out our exclusive clip from the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S below, courtesy of FUNimation:

In this exclusive clip from Tokyo Ghoul S, the faithful live-action adaptation of the hit manga, Kaneki has been invited to a special restaurant party event, but it’s not what he expected.

And for more ghoulish gourmet fun, take in the official Japanese and English trailers below:

Coming to select theaters September 16, 18 & 20.


Feed the need for more Tokyo Ghoul with the next thrilling live-action adaptation that stays true to the original manga!

Here’s the official synopsis for Tokyo Ghoul S:

Now a member of Anteiku, Ken Kaneki grows closer to the ghouls around him. Determined to protect his new home against anti-ghoul forces, he trains his powers in secret. But when the infamous gourmet, Shu Tsukiyama, wishes to savor some half-ghoul flavor, Kaneki’s training is put to the test of a lifetime.


Based on the thrilling supernatural manga, Tokyo Ghoul.

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