Tom Cruise Attached to John Woo’s Upcoming Film FLYING TIGERS

     October 27, 2009


Buried in a recent article from Variety was the news that Tom Cruise would be re-teaming with his “Mission: Impossible 2” director John Woo for Woo’s next film, “Flying Tigers”.  Steve spoke with Woo a couple weeks ago for Woo’s new film, “Red Cliff” which is the most successful film in Chinese history and it’s received positive reviews in this hemisphere as well.  Woo mentioned his next film would be “Flying Tigers” and that it would have the same budget as “Red Cliff” ($80 million) and focus on the friendship between Americans and Chinese soldiers in World War II as they fought the Japanese.  I wonder if this could be an unofficial sequel to “The Last Samurai” but this time Cruise ends up saving the Chinese instead.

Hit the jump to see Steve’s full interview with Woo.  They begin speaking about “Flying Tigers” at the 3-minute mark.


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