Doug Liman Will Literally Go to Space Before He Does Edge of Tomorrow 2

     May 26, 2020


Tom Cruise is enlisting his Edge of Tomorrow director to helm his movie to be shot in actual outer space, presumably because if something goes wrong and Cruise gets blasted out into the vacuum of space they’re going to need to be able to reboot him tout suite.


Image via Warner Brothers

Doug Liman, who also directed the action films The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith and directed Cruise a second time in American Made, will keep some sense of order on the set of the yet-untitled film, which will be filmed in part on the International Space Station with the cooperation of NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. As reported by Deadline, Liman actually came up with the idea with Cruise, and will be writing the first draft of the screenplay.

Going to space is the next logical escalation for Cruise, who has made a name for himself by doing unspeakably dangerous stunts in his Mission: Impossible films. In addition to strapping himself to the outside of an airplane during takeoff, the Mission: Impossible movies have also seen Cruise free climb on the outside of the Burjj Khalifa, hold his breath for nearly six minutes in an underwater sequence, and do a HALO jump and fly an actual helicopter. No other details are known about the movie, although there’s some speculation that it could be the long-gestating project Luna Park, about a team of thieves who pull an energy heist on the moon. Whatever the movie is, with Cruise’s frequent collaborator Liman behind the wheel, we can guess that it’ll involve a fair amount of action, along with stunts performed by Cruise himself that stretch the limits of what is technically legal to do in a film. For more on Edge of Tomorrow, check out star Emily Blunt’s hopes for a sequel.

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