These Tom Hardy Dubsmash Videos Will Make Your Day

     August 29, 2015


So we here at Collider specialize in covering and contextualizing the latest breaking film and TV news day in and day out, but sometimes something comes along that’s not exactly “news”, but deserves to be highlighted anyway for whatever reason. Enter Tom Hardy on Dubsmash. For those unfamiliar, “Dubsmash” is a lip syncing app that allows someone to record him or herself either singing along to a popular song or quoting a line of dialogue from a popular movie or TV series. Hardy, fresh off finally wrapping Alejandro G. Iñarrítu’s 19th century-set drama The Revenant (it started production last September), appears to have stumbled upon Dubsmash himself, and the results are glorious.

Given the intensity of his performances, some may assume that Hardy is a Very Serious Actor who is primarily focused on Very Serious Actor things. But while he is indeed a phenomenal performer, it looks like Hardy’s a bit of a goofball at heart. In the videos below, Hardy can be seen lip syncing everything from 50 Cent to Whitney Houston, all with the verve and commitment you’d expect from one of Hardy’s many stellar performances. And this isn’t simply Hardy just playing around while he’s bored—there’s commitment here as he dresses up in appropriately themed costume for a few of the videos.


Image via 20th Century Fox

As for when you’ll next see Hardy on the big screen, The Revenant opens in theaters this December (in which he stars opposite Leonardo DiCaprio) and he plays twin brothers in the crime thriller Legend, opening in October. Next up on the actor’s filming docket is the UK TV series Taboo, for which he’ll reunite with his Locke filmmaker Steven Knight. For now, though, Hardy is enjoying some well-earned downtime and (thankfully) sharing some of his time-off efforts with these here Internets.

So sit back, relax, and behold the glory of Tom Hardy on Dubsmash. Somebody cast this guy in a Paul Feig comedy STAT.

#throwbackmonday #dubsmash #soundofsilence #lol

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Tom Hardy is down with US, ITs the unit not Bad Boy LMAO #nopuffyjuice #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Real hip hop is back,Tom Hardy 9shots. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Think he’s possibly better than me at this dubsmash malarkey @jobrien4242

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Last one #dubsmash #beachboys #laughteristhebestmedicine #toothpaste

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