Tom Hardy Wraps ‘Venom’ and Celebrates with a New Image

     January 29, 2018


We know very, very little about Sony’s Venom movie other than the fact that it stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, is directed by Ruben Fleischer of Zombieland fame, and it will be opening on October 5th of this year. Add to that short list this fact: Venom has wrapped filming and will soon move into post-production. We have Hardy himself to thank for that since the Oscar-nominated actor recently announced as much on his Instagram page along with a behind-the-scenes image.

Just how much of Hardy’s on-screen performance will be what was captured on film versus how much will be generated inside a computer remains to be seen, but that ratio should match up perfectly with Eddie Brock’s story vs that of the alien symbiote that bonds with him, turning him into Venom. The film now has about eight months worth of post-production to turn the Marvel Comics’ character’s first solo cinematic outing into something on which the studio can build their own Marvel universe.

Could Venom be the R-rated equivalent to Fox’s franchise-starting Deadpool? Will it be strong enough to launch the planned Black Cat/Silver Sable movie? Time will tell, but before all of those decisions can be made, fans will have to see a lot more from the production than secretive set photos and behind-the-scenes images that don’t reveal much at all. The first true test will come with the film’s first trailer, likely launched at some point during the upcoming convention season. For now, however, Hardy’s hard work is done.

In the meantime, check out Hardy’s celebratory image below:

Wrapped life back Bye

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