Tom Wilkinson and Camille Belle Hang Out AFTER THE WEDDING

     May 18, 2009

tom_wilkinson_camille_belle_01.jpgTom Wilkinson and Camille Belle have signed to Michael Caton-Jones’ remake of Danish helmer Susanna Bier’s “After the Wedding.”  This is a unique pairing because Wilkinson is one of the strongest actors working today and Camille Belle can get upstaged by literally anything that is up stage of her.  I’ve seen muslin with more presence.

Hopefully she’ll be able to step up from some heavy drama.  Variety describes the plot as an expatriate social worker who runs a Mumbai orphanage on a tight budget and receives a mysterious multimillion-dollar donation from a Western businessman.  Um…thrilling?  I mean, are we really at that point where a businessman making a charitable donation just turns the world on its head?

Caton-Jones’ explains, “It’s a simple yet terrifically emotional story that asks us deep questions about our lives, families and responsibilities.”  He’ll certainly get the terrific and emotion from Wilkinson.  Everything else…I’m not so sure.

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