Tommy Lee Jones Joins Roberto De Niro in Luc Besson’s MALAVITA

     June 28, 2012


Director Luc Besson is lining up an impressive cast for his darkly comedic actioner Malavita.  The film follows a mafia family who seeks witness protection in France, but they bring their criminal habits with them and start dealing with things the old fashioned way.  Robert De Niro is set as the patriarch, with Michelle Pfeiffer recently joining the project as his wife.  Now Variety reports that Tommy Lee Jones is in final negotiations to play De Niro’s “stern handler in the FBI-sponsored program.”  He’s tasked with checking in on the family and helping them assimilate to their new life in France.

The tone seems reminiscent of something along the lines of Analyze This, but with Besson on board I’m sure we’ll see our fair share of gunplay and grittiness.  The notoriously prickly Jones appears to be a left-field choice for the role, but I’m more than willing to see him and De Niro square off.  Hopefully we see the two take part in a super-serious-face off so we can settle this whole “who’s more super serious?” thing once and for all.  Jones will be seen later this year in the dramedy Hope Springs and Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, and he’s poised to write, direct, and star in The Homesman.

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