Tons of HEROES Season Two News!

     June 21, 2007

You might as well know right now that the TV show “Heroes” will be taking over Collider today. I just got home from the “Heroes” press event in Hollywood and I have so much video to post you won’t believe it.

The reason for the event was to promote the upcoming “Heroes World Tour” – where the cast and creators will go around the world and promote the upcoming DVD (and HD-DVD) as well as the airing of the show in other countries. It promises to be very cool for both the fans and the cast as they’ll get to travel the world while talking about the show. If I remember correctly, they’ll be going to 7 cities and not all the cast members are going to each place. And if you’re wondering why not…they do have another season to film.

In a few hours I’ll be posting the entire press conference so check back and all your questions will have answers.

But right now I’m going to post the last video interview I did today and it’s with the creator and executive producer Tim Kring. During the Q & A that happened after the press conference, Tim spoke on a lot of subjects and I have a lot of video to post, but for this clip I asked him to explain how the upcoming season will not be one long volume like season one – it will instead be three volumes.

And while there is a lot more to post in the next article…major news I learned today included:

  • The upcoming second season will end in April and following the season finale will be the Heroes Origin episodes.
  • The first episode of the second season starts FOUR MONTHS after the finale and I think it’s called “FOUR MONTHS LATER.”
  • They are currently looking for guest writers and directors to come in and do one episode – meaning they might try and get a movie star to do one episode or a huge director.
  • The upcoming season will have three volumes, not just one.
  • None of the endings of the volumes will be huge finales. So don’t expect three huge finales this season.
  • –TONS more later today–

And as I said above…here is the first clip from today’s event. It’s Tim Kring talking. Here are the highlights.

  • In this video clip Tim Kring explains why the next season will be divided up into volumes along the way. Not just one volume like season one – it’ll be three volumes.
  • I also ask if the upcoming volumes will be one DVD release or divided up into a few of them.
  • I ask what is the shortest volume he would consider doing.

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