Tony Scott Continues to Frustrate With WARRIORS Talk

     June 3, 2009

warriors_tony_scott_01.jpgI’m not big on Tony Scott.  It’s not just his ADD-style of directing.  It’s that he uses it for all of his recent films, regardless of the story, pacing, characters, or tone.  He’s like a Michael Bay that’s always out of his element.  Sure, Bay only knows how to give you high-adrenaline explosions and the notice that “This shit just got real,” but it usually fits the ridiculous story.

But I was hoping that Scott’s bombastic editing would meld beautifully with his intended remake of Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic “The Warriors”.  That film is already kind of insane and it would be great to see his over-the-top style match up with over-the-top characters in over-the-top costumes with over-the-top dialogue like “Waaaarriors….come out to plaaayeeeaayy…”

And then he had to open his mouth and tell Rotten Tomatoes what he intends with his remake: “I love the original ‘Warriors’ and I’m using the same basic story. It’s really still 10 guys stuck at point B and they need to get back to point A. But I’m going to set it in Los Angeles and it’s going to be a kind of study of gang culture in LA today.”

Are you kidding me.  The one time where he’s perfectly suited for the material and he wants to do a serious study on gang culture in Los Angeles.  I cannot dig it.  I cannot dig it at all.

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