Watch: ‘Too Many Cooks’ Creator Takes Aim at Gaming Culture and Streamers in New Video

     June 26, 2018


Here’s a weird story to read/write while watching Summer Games Done Quick 2018: It’s been over three years since the late-night arrival of Adult Swim’s bizarro short Too Many Cooks, a meta montage that was the brainchild of Casper Kelly. This time, rather than revisiting pseudo-nostalgic sitcoms and their theme songs, Kelly takes on gamer culture and live-streamers in a new video.

Created, produced, written and directed by both Kelly and Nick Gibbons (Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell), the new short debuted in the wee hours of the morning, and was brought to our attention by Vulture. In it, Kelly channels the persona of Blair Trigger, a streamer who’s posting a walkthrough of a fictional game titled Final Deployment 4. That’s about all we’ll say until you have a chance to check out the video for yourselves since that’s the best way to enjoy it. Its release is also perfectly timed thanks to the World Health Organization stirring up trouble by warning gamers about addiction hazards. Let’s just say that if you’ve been paying attention to the major movements in gaming and streaming over the last few years, you should have a blast with this one.

Check out the Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough video below:

Okay, if you made it through that entire, 20-minute, bit of meta madness chock full of nested gaming jokes and maddeningly overlapping narration, congratulations! You win absolutely nothing but consider this achievement as having earned a virtual trophy from us here at Collider.

As someone who grew up with the second and third generation of video game consoles who is trying to manage the seemingly infinite number of quests, missions, and content in general available in today’s games across many platforms, this video made me incredibly anxious. That’s got to be by design. The meta narrative here would be perfectly at home in a Rick and Morty episode since games are nested within games, and streamers and their streams are nested within other streams ad infinitum. It’s basically a concentrated and condensed version of the negative side of gaming culture and the streaming community today. That’s not to say that’s all there is to said culture and community, but Kelly and the creative team absolutely nail the more soul-crushing aspects.

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Image via Adult Swim

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