TOP 5: CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, First Trailer for LUCY, 22 JUMP STREET Set Visit, THE EXPENDABLES 3 Teaser, Our Most Anticipated Movies

     April 5, 2014


Given the near universal praise it has received, I doubt that one more voice in its corner will persuade you to check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend if you weren’t already planning on it (especially when that “one voice” belongs to yours truly). Still yet, that fact won’t prevent me from gushing about it in these next few sentences. The Winter Soldier is fantastic. The action, humor, performances, and storytelling are all on point and work seamlessly together to create what is instantly one of my favorite Marvel movies and, more impressively, a really good film in general. It joins The Avengers on the short list of Marvel movies that I can see myself revisiting outside of canon just to enjoy again as a singular experience. While I believe a healthy dose of skepticism should be retained until you see it for yourself, I feel comfortable in saying that you can believe the hype surrounding The Winter Soldier.

In addition to me continuing to high-five the new Cap film, this week’s Top 5 also features the first trailer for director Luc Besson‘s Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson, our 22 Jump Street set visit coverage, the first teaser trailer for The Expendables 3, and a look at our most anticipated films from April to June. Keep reading for a brief recap and link to each of the above.



Whether or not you’ve already checked out Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we have enough Cap content from this past week to satisfy either side of the aisle. For the poor souls who’ve yet to take it in, I recommend reading Matt’s review (hint: he liked it), Sheila’s text interview with composer Henry Jackman, and watching any/all of Steve’s video interviews with Chris Evans, directors Joe and Anthony RussoScarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. For those who’ve already seen the pic and are looking for something to fill the time before seeing it again then I suggest to you our “What Did You Think?” post for the film which encourages you to share your thoughts on it and Evan’s “Everything You Need to Know About 1950s Captain America” post which acts as a potential preview for Cap 3.

2. First Trailer for Luc Besson’s LUCY Starring Scarlett Johansson


Steve gave his endorsement of the first trailer for director Luc Besson’s Lucy a few days back in his CinemaCon 2014 video blog. This week, the trailer hit the interwebs for us common folk to partake in and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Displaying some sci-fi qualities akin to that of his The Fifth Element, Besson’s Lucy looks bizarre and thrilling in all of the best ways.

3. 22 JUMP STREET Set Visit


If you’ve been visiting the site since 2012 then you’re likely already familiar with my love for Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 21 Jump Street. It was, hands down, my favorite comedy of 2012 and one of my favorite films of the year as a whole. Skip ahead to 2014 and Lord/Miller’s The LEGO Movie is already a frontrunner in both categories as well. It should comes as no surprise, then, that I’m interested in most all things pertaining to 22 Jump Street with Dave’s set visit coverage being no exception. Check out his set visit recap and on-set interviews with Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum, producer Neal H. Moritz, and the aforementioned Phil Lord & Chris Miller.

4. First Teaser Trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 3


The Expendables franchise may not rest anywhere near the pinnacle of cinematic art (it’s probably Googling the definition of “pinnacle” right now, in fact). Nevertheless, it’s a ton of fun that seems to be fully aware and embracing of its role as a piece of action spectacle that satisfies the collective appetite of genre fans by including as many past/present stars as possible in one place, at one time. That, in and of itself, makes it special and warrants me including the first teaser trailer for The Expendables 3 in this week’s list regardless of how bare bones it may be.

5. Collider’s Most Anticipated Movies: April to June


Life’s hard and, as such, it’s important to have things to look forward to. Matt, Adam, and Dave took this sentiment to heart this past week in their look ahead to their most anticipated films of Q2 2014. I can’t say that I disagree with any of their selections and, since the bastards didn’t ask my opinion (I’m only half bitter), I’d like to take the liberty to go ahead and name 22 Jump Street and The Fault in Our Stars as my own most anticipated for Q2.