TOP 5: 48fps Editorial, JUSTICE LEAGUE Rumors, WARM BODIES Set Visit, Jay-Z to Score THE GREAT GATSBY, Your Favorite Movies of 2012

     January 5, 2013


Welcome to 2013, folks. If you’re reading this it means that you survived the Mayan Apocalypse, the first Dick Clark-less New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration in like four decades, likely some sort of mandatory holiday time with your extended family, and incessant political jabber about some sort of “fiscal cliff”, all in a matter of about two weeks. Congratulations on a job well done. In spite of all these accomplishments, though, odds are you still haven’t spent any part of 2013 hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank. So, to this point, our Dave Trumbore still wins 2013.

All tank envy aside, let’s keep our heads up and focus on the first Top 5 installment of the new year. This week’s recap includes Brendan’s editorial plea for giving 48fps the old college try, Justice League rumors, Matt’s Warm Bodies set visit and ensuing zombie transformation, news of Jay-Z being brought on to score Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby, and the results of our first ever readers poll that asked for your top movies of 2012. Brief recaps and links to all of the above are dying for your attention after the jump.

1. Why 48 Frames Per Second Is the Future of Filmmaking (Probably, If We Let It)

the hobbit hfr filmstrip

What are your thoughts on films being shot and projected at 48 frames per second? Love it? Hate it? Haven’t followed it closely enough to really form an opinion? Regardless of where you stand in the ongoing debate regarding 48fps/HFR, Brendan’s editorial provides an excellent look at the argument in question and just enough academic research to remind me that life after college may not be so bad after all.

2. JUSTICE LEAGUE Rumors Include Possible Line-Up and More


With the Justice League movie not slated to hit theaters until 2015, there is a good chance that we have a long road of these kinds of rumors ahead of us. Nevertheless, with a picture of its stature, every possible line-up list, character description, potential cameo, etc., becomes “news” that we love to discuss/debate with friends, fellow moviegoers, complete strangers online, etc. It’s an interesting, sometimes frustrating, give-and-take of opinions and “anonymous sources” up until official news/announcements are released at which point it becomes a fun measuring stick to see how the rumors measured up to the reality.

3. WARM BODIES Set Visit Coverage


If you’ve followed our set visit reports with any amount of consistency then you already know the standard drill: visit recap, maybe some things we learned while on set, and a cackle of interviews with the cast and creators. For Matt’s visit to the Montreal set of Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies you get all of the above as well as a game-changing addition: Zombie Matt! Here’s the breakdown of the coverage: visit recap (i.e. Zombie Matt!), and interviews with Teresa Palmer, Nicholas Hoult, Jonathan Levine, Rob Corddry, and producer Bruna Papandrea. And one last time for effect: Zombie Matt!

4. Jay-Z to Score THE GREAT GATSBY


Those of us who were pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Watch the Throne’s “No Church in the Wild” in the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby adaptation now have even more to look forward to. That’s because this past week the Interwebs taught us that one-half of Watch the Throne, Jay-Z, has been busy writing the original score for the film alongside Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts. And just like that, I decided that I may want to see the film after all.

5. Readers Poll: Your Favorite Movies of 2012

movie theater audience

You have no one to blame but yourselves. For the first time, in addition to our healthy serving of year-end lists, this year we opened up a Readers Poll so that you could tell us what your favorite pics of 2012 were. The winner? The Dark Knight Rises. I’d like to think my covering the film no less than 429 times in the Top 5 helped champion the movie to the top of this prestigious poll. In reality, I’ll settle for the reaffirmation that my own tastes and the cinematic tastes of our readers are quite similar.