TOP 5: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, ‘The 33’, How ‘Twilight’ Killed the Vampire Movie

     November 14, 2015

top-5-sliceA few weeks back, I suggested you check out the Cary Fukunaga‘s Netflix original film Beasts of No Nation. At the risk of sounding like a PR-arm of the streaming giant, today I’m recommending you watch another Netflix original: Aziz Ansari‘s series Master of None. I apologize if you find multiple Netflix original endorsements within the span of a few weeks annoying. I won’t accept responsibility for my actions, however. I blame Netflix for releasing such great original content in such a short span of time that it leaves me with no choice but to recommend it.

If you like Ansari’s stand-up, then I have full confidence that Master of None will be right in your wheelhouse. Much like the former, the latter is keenly aware of and interested in how technology shapes our daily interactions and personal relationships. Ansari has a sharp grasp of this dynamic and it helps give the show an undeniable relevance. That said, what really sets Master of None apart are episodes like “Parents” and “Indians on TV”. Each handles different subjects that are disconcertingly true with such obvious skill and self-awareness that it elevates the series beyond being just another comedy show. Master of None is a must watch.

But enough of me shelling for Netflix, let’s get to this week’s Top 5:

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