TOP 5: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, MAGIC MIKE, Anthony Hopkins in HITCHCOCK, Set Photo/Video Recap, What Superhero Films Could Learn from BATMAN: THE MOVIE

     April 21, 2012


If you’re a regular around these parts on the weekends you may have noticed that Collider was “Top 5-less” last Saturday. For the first time since our inaugural installment last May, the weekly feature failed to grace the site. The reason? My bachelor party. That’s right, instead of spending my Saturday morning/afternoon putting together a highlight reel of coverage from the preceding week, I gallivanted through the streets of Chicago partaking in debauchery in its most primal form (i.e. arcade games and karaoke). All this in mind, a big thank you to Steve and the rest of the Collider team and to you, the reader, for the excused absence is in order. It’s good to be back.

In this week’s edition you’ll find new posters and new footage from The Amazing-Spider Man courtesy of the film’s latest international trailer, the first trailer and poster for Steven Soderbergh‘s male-stripper inspired Magic Mike, the first look at Anthony Hopkins as The Master of Suspense in Hitchcock, a set photo/video recap featuring, among other things, Star Trek 2 and Les Miserables, and Matt’s superhero film editorial which begs the question, “Why So Serious?” (see what I did there?). As always, a brief recap and link to each can be found after the jump.

1. New Posters and International Trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


Given the fever-pitch excitement and early praise for that other movie featuring Marvel superheroes, it’s all too easy to forget that everyone’s favorite wall-crawler is heading back to theaters this summer too. Although it has a steep hill to climb if it wants to come anywhere near my love for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, I’ll be happy if director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man can at least wash the bitter taste of the third installment from my mouth. To catch up on the latest this iteration has to offer, click here for the latest international trailer which features a hint of new footage between Peter/Aunt May and Peter/Gwen Stacy and click here for two new posters from the pic.

2. First Trailer and Poster for Steven Soderbergh’s MAGIC MIKE


After seeing Channing Tatum’s turns in Haywire and 21 Jump Street I’m beginning to see the actor in a new, favorable light. That’s not to say that his acting chops are light years ahead of Coach Carter/She’s the Man territory, but the dude is charming. Like, really charming. Combine this undeniable trait with Steven Soderbergh’s generally trustworthy hand and I’m all in for Magic Mike. Can I do without the latest Rihanna single? Sure. But this first trailer (poster included) for the pic has me sold.

3. First Look at Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock in the Cleverly Entitled HITCHCOCK


This past week brought us our first look at Sir Anthony Hopkins in his turn as the iconic Alfred Hitchcock in director Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock. As a fan of much of Hitchcock’s work, I’m delighted to see two different projects surrounding the director currently in production. That said, while I much prefer the aesthetics of Hopkins’ Hitchcock over Toby Jones’ in The Girl, I have to give the plot edge to the latter which deals with Hitchcock’s perhaps unhealthy attraction to The Birds actress Tippi Hedren.

4. Set Photo/Video Recap: STAR TREK 2, THE LONE RANGER, LES MISERABLES, and More


I’ll admit that I’ve never been all that intrigued by set photos/videos. In fact, I still have nightmares about all of the The Dark Knight Rises set artifacts that kept begging for my attention a few months back (if only Chrome would create some sort of superhero movie set photo/video blocker it would be twice the browser it is today, in my opinion). Nevertheless, I’ve always believed in the oft-used phrase “to each their own”. So, if you’re one of the many Collider readers who enjoys getting production sneak peeks from some of your most anticipated movies then by all means have at it: a new Star Trek 2 set photo featuring Zachary Quinto, the first look at Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein, new Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer images from the set of The Lone Ranger, and three videos from the set of Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

5. Editorial: Contemporary Superhero Films Should Take a Lesson from BATMAN: THE MOVIE


Since the turn of the millennium, the superhero film has become an indelible part of our pop-culture vocabulary. With critical and financial success that ranges from Oscar wins and hundreds of millions at the box office to, well, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, there doesn’t seem to be one surefire way to make a superhero movie a hit (well, aside from making it about Batman and letting Christopher Nolan direct). With that in mind, our own Matt Goldberg questions why the PG rating is virtually non-existent within the superhero genre and uses 1966’s Batman: The Movie as the benchmark for the fun, campy, ridiculously over-the-top superheroes of yesteryear. Click here to check out his take on how contemporary superhero pics can learn from Adam West’s less brooding, more “Wham!” “Pow!” “Smack!” Caped Crusader.