‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Will Reportedly Land at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

     June 19, 2019

top-gun-sliceWe’re a month out from San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and the lineup is filling up fast. Luckily, a certain sequel with a need for speed is reportedly the latest to sign up for big panel shenanigans. According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media are planning “some kind of presence” for Top Gun: Maverick, with members of the cast apparently booking hotels as we speak.

First of all, booking a Comic-Con hotel in June is a rookie mistake, Tom Cruise, get your shit together. Second of all, though unconfirmed this all seems pretty likely, given that we haven’t seen much of the sequel and the fact production did pre-shoots in San Diego last summer. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until June 26, 2020, pushed back from its original July 12, 2019 release date, although some footage isn’t out of the question. (Paramount actually just debuted footage for the first time today at its CineEurope presentation.)  The report notes that Cruise himself isn’t confirmed, although I’m already kind’ve mentally preparing for the dude to jump through the roof of Hall H. The actor is no stranger to the Con after attending for the first time in 2013 to promote Edge of Tomorrow. Other cast possibilities include Jon Hamm, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, or even The Good Place breakout Manny Jacinto.

Not a whole lot is out there about the plot of Top Gun: Maverick, but when we spoke to Hamm last month, the actor told us that director Joseph Kosinski is mixing some “never before seen” tech with his practical effects fighter pilots:

“They’re using some technology on this that is never before seen. We’re shooting the movie in, I think, 6K. So it’s incredibly hi-def. The aerial footage is mind-blowing. And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG. Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs.”

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