First ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Finds Tom Cruise Returning to the Danger Zone

     July 18, 2019


Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for the long-awaited Top Gun 2which finds Tom Cruise reprising his iconic role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. In development for years, Top Gun: Maverick was originally supposed to see Tony Scott return to the director’s chair before his untimely passing. Cruise’s Oblivion helmer Joseph Kosinski took over the project, which is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and features some screenplay work from Mission: Impossible – Fallout writer/director Christopher McQuarrie.

In addition to Cruise, Val Kilmer returns as Iceman, and Miles Teller fills the role of the now-adult son of Anthony Edwards‘ dearly departed Goose. Set It Up star Glen Powell was up for the same role and so impressed producers that they created a different character just for him.

This trailer is classic Top Gun. The theme is there, the imagery, the motorcyclin’—there’s even shirtless volleyball! To be honest, there’s absolutely no reason a Top Gun sequel needs to exists, and yet this trailer makes me unreasonably excited for this film. For one, Cruise gets to play an older, seemingly more hardened version of the cocksure Maverick, which is mighty enticing for an actor of Cruise’s caliber. For another, the in-camera special effects here are pretty mind blowing. We know Cruise goes above and beyond for stunts, and the combination of Kosinski’s polished aesthetic, Claudio Miranda‘s ambitious cinematography, and those for-real high-flying stunts will no doubt combine for a uniquely cinematic experience. So yeah, I’m 100% in for this. Put it directly into my eyeballs.

Watch the Top Gun 2 trailer below. The film—which is officially titled Top Gun: Maverick—also stars Jennifer ConnellyJon HammLewis Pullman, and Ed Harris and opens in theaters on June 26, 2020.

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