‘Top Gun’ Is Coming to 4K To Make Quarantine More Handsome

     April 28, 2020


We’re entering what is, by my count, the 400th week of isolation, and if you’re anything like me, there’s only so many times you can rewatch Congo before it starts to lose some of its magic. Luckily, Tom Cruise is on his way to drag our stay-at-home boredom kicking and screaming into the Danger Zone, which, incidentally, is in 4K.


Image via Paramount

In celebration of Top Gun Day, May 13th, Cruise’s definitive blockbuster Top Gun explodes onto 4K Ultra HD Digital, followed by a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release on May 16th. The remastered film comes loaded with brand-new interviews with Cruise, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as cast members from the upcoming sequel Top Gun: Maverick including Jon Hamm and Miles Teller. That’s in addition to some choice previously-released special features including feature commentary from Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott, plus some making-of featurettes and original theatrical promotional material and music videos. Folks, you haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced Top Gun’s 1986 marketing campaign, and this Ultra HD release is the next best thing to traveling back in time to the summer of “Take My Breath Away” and Cruise playing unironic shirtless beach volleyball with Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Rick Rossovich.

In case Cruise’s most iconic mega-hit isn’t enough to tide you over, hold onto your muscular butts, because two more major Cruise flicks are hitting Ultra HD. 2005’s War of the Worlds, the epic sci-fi thriller from director Steven Speilberg, and 1990’s Days of Thunder, reteaming Cruise with Top Gun producers Bruckheimer and Don Simpson and director Scott, will also be available in 4K Ultra HD Digital May 13th. As with Top Gun, both films will be released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray May 19th and will contain some righteous bonus content. Get ready to throw your quarantine into Cruise control, and no I absolutely will not apologize for that sentence. Check out the cover art for all three films below.

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