Matt Goldberg’s Top 25 Films of the 2010s

     November 29, 2019


We’re almost done with the 2010s, so that means it’s time for another Best of the Decade list. The funny thing about these lists is that they’re not set in stone. They’re recommendations and they’re snapshots. I look back at my Top 20 Films of the 2000s and I would definitely make some changes (not including There Will Be Blood is madness), but it’s a snapshot of a time rather than some grand declaration.

But I’ve seen quite a few movies this past decade and yet there are plenty more that I still haven’t gotten around to yet, and maybe once I do this list will have to change someday. But for this moment in time, these are the 25 films with which I had the strongest connection. These are the movies that stayed with me. These are movies that I wanted to revisit, and that I kept thinking about long after they were over. Your list of the Best of the Decade will probably look very different, and that’s okay. Opinions on art aren’t democratically determined, and my hope is that if you look at this list and see a film you disliked or haven’t seen, you might give it a chance.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the Top 25 (with a few cheats to get this at twenty-five items), and be sure to click here for more of our Best of the Decade content.

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