Exclusive ‘Totem’ Clip Introduces the Calm Before the Supernatural Storm

     October 25, 2017


Last week, we debuted a set of first look images for the new horror thriller Totem, the mysterious little supernatural horror pic that’s set to land on VOD this Halloween. Totem is the feature writing debut of ex-Collider staffer Evan Dickson, and the marketing for the pic is keeping things cryptic. Directed by Deadgirl helmer Marcel Sarmiento, the film follows a teenage girl (Kerris Dorsey), who must resort to extreme measures in order to protect her family from a supernatural entity.

Pretty ambiguous, eh? Sounds like a movie that’s got a few tricks up its sleeve. According to Dickson, the script was designed to play off familiar archetypes and deconstruct the genre. He explained,

“While it’s definitely a ‘supernatural horror movie’ we’re also attempting to subvert a few archetypes… This movie is probably equally inspired by Hitchcock and the times I spent in high school watching Steel Magnolias on acid. So it’s not an easy thing to balance.”


Image via Lens Pictures, LLC

Lens Pictures, LLC

Sarmiento backs that sentiment. In fact, that’s the  aspect of the story that drew him to the project,

“what drew me to the project was how deceptively simple the story appears before everything gets flipped. i love it because it wont prepare you for what’s to come.”

Totem stars Ahna O’Reilly (Marshall), James Tupper (Big Little Lies), Lia McHugh(American Woman), Braeden Lemasters (Easy A), and Lawrence Pressman (Very Bad Things). The film was produced by Divide/Conquer. Blumhouse, Gunpowder & Sky, Cinemax and HBO and will release Totem VOD in the U.S. on October 31 and internationally on November 3. Check out the new clip below.


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