TOY STORY 3 “Cliffhanger Edition” Screenings on College Campuses Two Months Before Release and TOY STORY 3 Viral Videos

     March 29, 2010


Pixar has announced a way for college students to see the first 65 minutes of Toy Story 3 for free and close to home.  That’s because the company that only makes awesome movies is screening Toy Story 3 two months early on college campuses around the country and all you have to do is register on the Disney/Pixar Facebook page and have a valid college I.D.  Once you register, it’s first come/first served at the screenings which are happening between April 26 through May 4.  Each location is a different day.

The other bit of news is Pixar has created three viral videos for Toy Story 3 and while you can watch them on the Facebook page, we’ve got them embedded after the jump.  The videos are inspired by instant messaging, horror movies, and how you’re not a kid anymore.  All three spots are worth watching…but that’s not a surprise since they’re created by Pixar.

I saw a screening of Toy Story 3 at ShoWest and while the movie is really good, the last twenty minutes is easily the best part.  Also, unless you’re a robot, you’ll have tears in your eyes before the movie ends.   So it’ll be interesting to find out what students think of the film without being able to watch those last few scenes.  Saying that, college students were kids when the first Toy Story came out, so these free screenings are a smart way to get them excited for Toy Story again.

Here’s those three viral videos.  They’re all worth watching.

Toy Story 3 movie image Pixar high resolution


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