TOY STORY 3 Trailer Easter Eggs – Everything from Totoro to Tin Toy

     February 12, 2010


After the awesome Toy Story 3 trailer went online yesterday, director Lee Unkrich started using Twitter to interact with fans of the movie and daring them to find some of the hidden Easter Eggs in the trailer.

Since many of you might have missed his twitter exchange and even the trailer, I’ve taken most of the discovered Easter Eggs and posted still images after the jump.  Even if you saw the trailer yesterday, I promise you didn’t notice everything in the trailer.  Hit the jump to take a look at what you missed:

Before getting started, watch the Toy Story 3 trailer here and see what you can find before being told what to look for.

After the trailer went online, director Lee Unkrich posted this tweet:

People have been asking about Easter Eggs in the trailer. I count six, two of them being pretty obscure. Can anyone find Lightning McQueen?

Ding ding ding! RT @williamreid: I found Lightning! It’s when Jessie says “we can have a whole new life here Woody” & the girl hugs Lotso

Toy Story 3 image Lightning from Cars.jpg

Okay, now who can find a reference to one of our Pixar shorts?

You got one! RT @Dcwong4114: @leeunkrich does the #95 on the train reference the year Toy Story first came out

Toy Story 3 Toy Story reference.jpg

We have winner! RT @scottgfx @leeunkrich Rex waiting for the door to open, the shivering toys under the table from Tin Toy?

click on the image for a high res version


The two obscure Easter Eggs reference my hometown and my favorite movie.

This next one has two references in it at the same time:

Very good. RT @MatthewGaydos: I’m guessing the Tigers license plate cover is a hometown reference

That’s another one…RT @tylerepperson: @leeunkrich Im so excited for TS3! Already spotted the hidden A113 (CalArts)

Also, the A113 has been Andy’s mother’s license plate since the first movie.

click on the image for a high res version


To raise the stakes, whomever first finds the reference to my favorite film wins a signed TS3 poster. But now I must leave Tweetville.

Brandon wins a poster! RT @bhorne @leeunkrich 237 screenname from the shining!

Toy Story 3 the shining reference.jpg

That’s two more… RT @LukasRidge: @leeunkrich I think I see Mr. Ray and the Dolphin from finding nemo.

click on the image for a high res version

Mr. Ray and a Dolphin from Fidning Nemo Toy Story 3

And if you missed the reference to Hayao Miyazaki’s  Totoro:

Toy Story 3 Totoro reference.jpg

These Easter Eggs are probably just the tip of the iceberg.  When Toy Story 3 finally hits home video, you should probably expect 200 screen grabs!  Just another reason Pixar is the best in the business.

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