Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera on ‘Inside Out’ and the “New Direction” of ‘Toy Story 4’

     February 5, 2016

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Pete Docter likes to make me cry. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s made you cry too. As the writer-director of Pixar’s Up and Monsters, Inc. and a contributing writer on other Pixar films like WALL-E, Toy Story, and Toy Story 2, Docter has shown an amazing ability to inject life and feelings into computer generated images. In his latest film, Inside Out, Docter has crafted an animation masterpiece that was one of my favorite films of 215.

With the critical and commercial reaction to Inside Out so positive, it was no surprise that at this year’s VES Awards, the film would be nominated in a number of categories. Shortly before the ceremony began, I spoke to Docter and producer Jonas Rivera. They talked about the Easter eggs in Inside Out, the changes in the technological process of animated movies and the hurdles to be solved, the amazing employee-only gift shop at Pixar, Toy Story 4, and more. Check out what they had to say below.

Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera:

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    Image via Disney

    0:00 -They reveal that they’re Collider fans.

  • 0:12 – What brings them to the Visual Effects Society event.
  • 0:43 – If there are any Easter eggs in Inside Out.
  • 1:34 – Changes in the technological process of animated movies and the hurdles to be solved.
  • 3:02 – How people can access the gift shop at Pixar Studios
  • 4:33 – Pete Doctor’s involvement in Toy Story 4. Pete Doctor: “Well like all of us I’ve helped out, especially at the beginning. But right now it’s being directed by John Lasseter, co-directed by Josh Cooley. They’re really doing a great job. It’s taking things into a little bit of a new direction which I think will really surprise people, and hopefully not feel like the first three but still familiar in a way. I don’t know if that even makes sense but it’s pretty awesome.”
  • 4:58 – How they knew they found the right story to continue with the characters after ending it so well in Toy Story 3. “Stan pitched something and I can’t tell you what it is but it was like [puts hand on heart] ‘Ugh! Okay,’ you know? And we all struggled mightily with that because we’re in the same boat- they felt like it wrapped up very nicely. But, man, if we can hit what he was after I think it’ll be great.”


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