Exclusive: ‘Toy Story 4’ Filmmakers Try to Explain Forky in Bonus Features Clip

     September 26, 2019


We at Collider have an exclusive clip from the upcoming Toy Story 4 bonus features to share with readers today. In the above clip, the filmmakers behind the smash-hit Pixar sequel as well as voice actor Tony Hale discuss the character of Forky, how he relates to the themes of the film, and try to explain just what in the world Forky is. Some fascinating tidbits are revealed, including the fact that the animators tried to approach Forky with a handmade quality, almost as if he was being animated by a child. Indeed, Forky makes just the latest addition to Pixar’s robust library of iconic characters—so iconic that he has his own show on Disney+ called Forky Asks a Question.

This is one of many bonus features included on the Digital HD and Blu-ray releases of Toy Story 4, which also includes a look at how Bo Peep was reimagined, the relationship between Woody and Buzz, and six deleted scenes introduced by director Josh Cooley.

Check out the clip above, and the full list of bonus features below. Toy Story 4will be released on Digital on October 1st and on Blu-ray and 4K UHD on October 8th.


Image via Disney/Pixar

BONUS FEATURES (may vary by retailer)

            Blu-ray & Digital:

  • ‘Toy Stories – The Toy Story 4 cast and crew share their love of toys!
  • Woody & Buzz – Take a look at the relationship between these two legendary characters.
  • Bo Rebooted – Discover how Team Bo reimagined all aspects of Bo Peep’s identity to arrive at the fully realized character seen in the film.
  • Toy Box – Enjoy a collection of mini-docs on the film’s memorable new characters, featuring the voice actors, director Josh Cooley and Pixar artists talking about the many elements that make these characters fun and lovable
  • Let’s Ride With Ally Maki – Ally Maki, voice of Giggle McDimples, learns all about Pixar’s dialogue recording process from director Josh Cooley and his team.
  • Deleted Scenes introduced by director Josh Cooley including:
    • Scamming Playtime
    • Bo Knows Hippos
    • Desperate Toys
    • Knock-Offs
    • Recruit Duke
    • She’s The One
  • Audio Commentary, Trailers and more!

Digital Exclusive:

  • Anatomy of a Scene: Prologue – Filmmakers and crew review key scenes of the movie and dissect the practical and technological methods used to bring them to life.
  • Additional Deleted scene –  Bonnie’s Playtime



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