Trailer for Czech Animated Movie TOYS IN THE ATTIC; English Dub Features Forest Whitaker and Joan Cusack

     August 14, 2012

toys in the attic

Disney has taken on the task of bringing the Studio Ghibli filmography to a broad American audience with an English dub, but that still leaves so much foreign animation on the table that the young ones never get a chance to see.  Consider In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today?, the Czech stop-motion film by Jiří Barta.  We Americans have bestowed a billion dollars on a ceratin animated franchise about toys that come to life, so there is clearly a market.  Hannover House has stepped up and recruited Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack, Cary ElwesVivian Schilling, and more for an English-language limited release of the movie—now titled Toys in the Attic—on September 7.

It feels a bit wrong to hear Cusack vocally cheating on Toy Story, but I guarantee these will be some of the most interesting visuals you see all day.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

Trailer via E!.  Hannover promises in the description, “Toys in the Attic is the most amazing stop-motion film ever made!”  How can your resist?

For comparison, here is the original Czech trailer:

Official synopsis:

Originally produced in the Czech language, the animated film is set in a magical world of toys and knick-knacks stored in the attic of a home in Prague. Following the symbolism of the Cold War era that impacted Barta and the Czech Republic, the world of the attic is divided into the land of happy toys in the West and the land of evil in the East. The despotic Head of State rules over the evil empire of the East with a band of sinister minions, insects and rotted vegetables. When the lovely Buttercup is kidnapped and held prisoner by The Head, it is up to her friends – a teddy bear (Whitaker), a mechanical mouse (Cusack) and marionette puppet (Elwes) – to cross the international boundary and attempt their daring rescue.

toys in the attic poster

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