‘Tragedy Girls’ Trailer Teases Bloody Slasher Satire and Stylish Teen Comedy

     September 13, 2017


Talk about doing it for the ‘gram. The trailer for the slasher comedy Tragedy Girls has finally debuted, and it’s got all the snark, blood, and irreverent style I was hoping for. The social media satire debuted earlier this year at SXSW and emerged as one of the most buzzed about and critically acclaimed genre films from the fest and the buzz has stayed strong as it’s traveled through the festival circuit.

Tragedy Girls stars Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) as a pair of high school best friends and amateur true crime reporters attempting to boost their profile by going viral on social media. When they get their hands on a local serial killer, the duo quickly comes to the realization that they could get a lot more scoops and first-look attention if they started doing the dirty work themselves. And by dirty work, I mean murder. Tragedy Girls has earned a rep as a sick and splattery slasher with a healthy dose of biting comedy and I can’t wait to see what it has in store.

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre (Patchwork), Tragedy Girls also stars Josh Hutcherson, Craig Robinson  Kevin Durand, Jack Quaid, Timothy V. Murphy, Nicky Whelan, Austin Abrams, Kerry Rhodes, Mary Carmen Lopez. The film continue to hit festivals, including Screamfest, Brooklyn Horror Festival, and Salem Horror Fest before arriving in theaters on October 20. Watch the trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Tragedy Girls:

“Best friends Sadie and McKayla are on a mission to boost their social media fandom as amateur crime reporters hot on the trail of a deranged local serial killer. After they manage to capture the killer and secretly hold him hostage, they realize the best way to up get scoops on future victims would be to, you know, murder people themselves. As the @TragedyGirls become an overnight sensation and panic grips their small town, can their friendship survive the strain of national stardom? Will they get caught? Will their accounts get verified?”

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