July 30, 2009


I don’t even know why there’s a trailer for this.  It certainly doesn’t need to be this freaking good.  Aren’t we at the point where you can have a trailer where it’s nothing but the words, “The Coen Brothers have a new film.  It’s called ‘A Serious Man’.  See it or you’re stupid and you smell funny,”?  I mean, I never took a class in marketing but I don’t think the Coens going up to a camera and throwing their Oscars and past films at the lens would be out of line.  They are legends and I was going to see “A Serious Man” no matter what.  Seeing a trailer like this just makes it worse.  I’d hold a grudge against the guys but that’s impossible.

See the trailer after the jump not because you need convincing but because you were going to anyway.

If you’d like to see it in HD over at Apple, click here.

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