Trailer for Jay-Z Concert Documentary Soon to Screen for Free on Facebook

     March 5, 2010

Jay_Z (3).jpg

If all you have to do to see a new Jay-Z concert documentary is become a friend of Absolut vodka on Facebook, having to deal with some vodka adverts isn’t too much of a sacrifice to make in in my book.

The movie NY-Z will be streaming on Absolut’s facebook page beginning on March 22. I’ve been known to tell anyone who will listen that Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” is not only the best rap album ever made, but probably the single greatest record of any kind.  That may be a bit of exaggeration, but I also really do hold it to be true.

Directed by Danny Clinch, the movie will chronicle what happened on stage and off when Hova put on the Answer the Call benefit concert at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 11, 2009.  Hit the jump to see the teaser trailer for this.

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