Trailer for Michael Moore’s CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY

     August 20, 2009


You’ve seen this movie before. You saw it (or maybe you didn’t) when it was called “Roger and Me”, “Bowling for Columbine”,  “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Sicko”.  It’s the kind of film designed to rouse an already-infuriated choir and ignored by those who never planned on attending the recital.  This time it’s  “Capitalism: A Love Story”, and Moore has now set his sights on the worldwide financial crisis, the government bailout, and the Wall Street jagoffs who precipitated the breakdown of the American financial sector.  Yes, Moore’s heart is in the right place but his mouth with his endless sarcasm and maudlin profiles of real Americans, you can bet the film will once again draw more attention to Moore himself than the financial and legislative clusterfuck he hopes to expose.  More info and the trailer after the jump.


The biggest problem with Michael Moore is that I agree with him on a fundamental level.  These bastards deserve to burn for what they’ve done to this country, but Moore is so alienating as a filmmaker that he ends up being loved by those who’ve agreed with him all along, being met with indifference by those who’ve always found him to be nothing but a spectacle and self-parody, and gradually loathed by those whose political views lie somewhere in the middle.  I do believe that he truly cares about the country, but he shows it in such a way that he spends most of his time not earning fans, but trying desperately to hang on to those who aren’t really sure where he’s going with all of this.

[Matt’s Note: Not only has Moore become a self-parody, but his shenanigans mixed with his sanctimonious attitude dilute any honesty or truth he hopes to deliver.  If Moore truly wants America to change, he has to change his approach and start treating his viewers like adults rather than children who need their vegetables deep-fried in chocolate sauce]

“Capitalism: A Love Story” hits theaters October 2nd.

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