Trailer for TOOTH FAIRY Starring Dwayne Johnson

     October 1, 2009


I may have to retire “Dwayne Johnson is better than this,” because while I know he has the charisma and ability to star in good movies, it’s been six years since “The Rundown” and he seems to have embraced lowest-common-denominator family fare that’s not only insidious but formulaic.  Look, he’s a big mean guy (which automatically means “Pro Athlete”, I guess) who needs to learn a lesson in kindness but first we’re going to strip away his masculinity and put him in really embarrassing situations!  Box Office Gold!  That’s pretty much the plot synopsis for “Tooth Fairy”.  The only difference between this and “The Gameplan” is that he gets turned into a Tooth Fairy as a penalty for “killing dreams”.

Slow down.  There’s a penalty for killing dreams?  I highly doubt that.  If that were true, I’d be doing 500-1000 years for dream murder in the dream penitentiary right now.  Also, have we not mastered green-screen technology yet?  “The Daily Show” has more convincing composites.  All the flaws aside, if you have kids, you’re probably going to regret having them on January 22nd, 2010 when the film hits theaters.  You can watch the trailer after the jump if you think I’m always wrong and this is a gem.  Also, you can try to explain why he’s flying away with a 13-year-old boy near the end.

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