Could Mark Wahlberg Lead Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS 4? [Update: Bay in Talks with Wahlberg for Another Non-TRANSFORMERS Project]

     October 23, 2012


An interesting casting rumor is floating around concerning Michael Bay’s upcoming sequel Transformers 4.  We know that the follow-up won’t feature any of the human characters from Bay’s first three films, but the director has insisted that the film will not be a reboot.  He recently revealed that the sequel will pick up after the annihilation events of Chicago from Dark of the Moon, but it’s assumed that the story will pit the titular robots opposite some fresh faces.  Now reports suggest that Bay may be roping in none other than Mark Wahlberg to spice things up.  Hit the jump for more.

mark-wahlberg-transformers-4The folks over at Twitch report that Bay is “having early conversations” with Wahlberg about starring in Transformers 4.  The notion isn’t entirely far-fetched, as Wahlberg recently starred in Bay’s low-budget dark comedy Pain and Gain, but even Twitch is quick to point out that this is still very early days.  As such, we should probably take this with a grain of salt until something more firm materializes.

The script by Ehren Kruger (who also had a hand in the scripts for Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon) is rumored to focus on an adult star and his teenage son, with the plan being that the young boy would become the focus of subsequent installments.  Bay claims that Transformers 4 will be his last go-around with the series before handing it off to a new filmmaker, but he also said the same thing after Dark of the Moon.

The explosions expert previously talked about wanting to set up the new direction the franchise would take post-Transformers 4, and this idea of spinning further installments off the son character seems to jibe with that notion.  For now, Bay is still in the early stages of T4 while he puts the finishing touches on Pain and Gain, but we should hear more about the fourth entry in the franchise soon as we move closer towards the June 29th, 2014 release date.

Update: It looks like Bay and Wahlberg were in talks, but according to the director’s website (via The Playlist, who have a great Bay/Wahlberg image), it’s for another project:

The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor.

Mark and I are talking about another film project.



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